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Mastering Human Behaviour: The 2 Books You Need for Understanding People and Building Better Relationships

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Books have the incredible power to transport us to different worlds, broaden our horizons, and challenge our perspectives. In this blog post, I want to share with you my recent reading journey, focusing on two thought-provoking books: “Surrounded by Idiots” by Thomas Erikson and “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. These books may seem worlds apart in terms of their themes, but they both offer valuable insights into human behaviour and interpersonal relationships.


About the Book

Thomas Erikson’s “Surrounded by Idiots” is a fascinating exploration of human behaviour and personality types. Drawing from his experience as a behavioral expert, Erikson introduces a unique personality framework based on four distinct colors: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. According to Erikson, understanding these color-coded personality types can help us communicate more effectively, resolve conflicts, and build better relationships.

Erikson’s book takes you on a journey into the minds of these personality types, providing valuable insights into how they think, react, and interact with the world around them. Whether you’re dealing with a dominant Red personality or a harmonious Green, “Surrounded by Idiots” offers practical advice on tailoring your communication style to connect with others effectively.

One of the key takeaways from this book is the importance of empathy and adaptability in our interactions with people of different personality types. By recognizing and respecting the unique perspectives of others, we can create more harmonious and productive relationships in both our personal and professional lives.

Why I’m reading this book:

Let’s just say it felt like the book was practically calling my name! Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m trapped in a real-life episode of a quirky sitcom, where the people around me seem to be playing a wacky game of ‘Who Can Drive Me Nuts First’ Don’t get me wrong; I love my friends and family dearly, but we all have those moments when we wonder if everyone else is on a completely different wavelength. So, I picked up this book in hopes of finding the secret decoder ring to decipher the mysteries of human behavior and maybe even unlock the hilarious hidden levels of life’s wacky adventures!


About the Book

Dale Carnegie’s timeless classic, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” has been a go-to guide for improving interpersonal skills since its publication in 1936. Carnegie’s book focuses on principles of human interaction and provides practical advice on how to navigate social situations, build meaningful connections, and inspire others.

The book is structured into several sections, each brimming with invaluable insights and actionable tips that delve deep into the nuances of human behavior. Carnegie passionately underscores the significance of authentically demonstrating interest in others, actively listening, and generously offering sincere compliments. He encourages readers to avoid criticism and to seek areas of agreement in conversations, fostering a positive atmosphere in all interactions.

Carnegie’s book also delves into techniques for handling disagreements and criticism gracefully, as well as ways to inspire enthusiasm and cooperation in others. The timeless wisdom found in “How to Win Friends and Influence People” has made it a must-read for anyone looking to improve their social and professional relationships.

Why I’m reading this book

I grabbed this book because, honestly, I’ve been feeling a bit like a social newbie lately. My attempts at making friends have been about as successful as teaching a cat to perform acrobatics – amusing but not exactly hitting the bullseye. So, I thought Carnegie might just have the secret sauce to turn my clumsy social interactions into smooth, friend-attracting moments. I mean, who doesn’t want to be the life of the party and have people gathering around them like fans at a rock concert? Fingers crossed that Carnegie’s wisdom can transform me from the shy introvert I am into the outgoing social butterfly I dream of becoming!

Connecting the Dots

When you first pick up “Surrounded by Idiots” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” you might wonder if they belong on the same reading list. But surprise, surprise! These books have a secret bondβ€”they’re both all about understanding human behaviour and getting along with people and understanding why we do the things we do.

Erikson’s book serves up a colourful menu for figuring out different personality types and how to talk to them. Meanwhile, Carnegie’s classic dishes out timeless tips for making friends and getting folks to like you more. Mix the insights from both these gems, and you’ve got a recipe for supercharged social skills that’ll make life more fun and friendly.

These books remind us that, whether we’re dealing with colourful personalities or seeking to win friends and influence others, understanding human behaviour and practicing empathy are essential skills that can lead to more meaningful connections and a richer life experience. So, dive into these pages, explore these concepts, and embark on your own journey towards more fulfilling relationships and personal growth.

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